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Patty Brunn Auctioneer

Expressions of Gratitude

"Patty was fantastic to work with!  She spent a lot of time with us before our event to prepare and plan.  She was full of energy event night.  She helped our organization increase our profits year over year!"


S.R., Minneapolis, Mn

“Patty and I co-auctioneered an event this past year.  Patty had so much bid-calling enthusiasm at the mic and brought a professional aspect to the fundraiser’s LIVE auction.  The audience responded by raising their paddles and exceeded the chairperson's expectations!”


W.C.,  Minneapolis, MN

"Hi Patty- great job auctioneering at the United Way auction today!  You go girl!!”


D.C., Minneapolis, MN

“Having Patty at our fundraiser made all of the difference, she is engaging, fun and helped increase our profits too!” 


T.L., Minneapolis, MN

Patty was a joy to work with. She brings a warm and energetic spirit to her work. Patty understands the importance of proper timing and pacing, but also the importance of connecting with the audience and providing good information about the auction items.

N.M., Minneapolis

“Patty! You are an amazing woman with an amazing spirit and story. I’m actually not sad about your 5th grade experience– without it you wouldn’t be the woman you are today. Continue to shine your light and share your spirit.”


M.O., Minneapolis, MN

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